The campaign is now over and the incumbent has received more votes. Thank you to everyone for your support. We will leave the website live for reference purposes for the rest of the year.
I want to share with you 3 ways we can make Idaho better for everyone. Even though I will be representing the citizens of District 15, my votes will affect the entire state of Idaho. As such, I want to promote causes that will ultimately be helpful everyone in our state. Here are 3 simple things that I will support once elected to the Idaho State Senate.

1 – Empowering Educators (by eliminating needless burdens and regulations)

For almost 7 years, I worked in the education sector as a vendor to schools and school districts. During that time I consulted with and worked directly with over 400 District superintendents, principals, school administrators, and teachers. What I found is this—our educational system is totally broken. Okay, no big surprise there. I think everybody agrees. But the biggest problem that I heard about was and is the ridiculous amount of burdens put on teachers and schools by the state and federal government regulations and “standards”. I think its time to eliminate those regulations and empower our schools and teachers to make their own decisions about how they run their schools.

Think about it—if you trust your schools enough to send your own children to them to instruct them, supervise them, and essentially raise them without your oversight, then why shouldn’t we trust them to do to get their jobs done right. It makes no sense for legislators and bureaucrats, most of which aren’t even educators themselves, to put unnecessary burdens and regulations on our teachers.

How would you like to be treated that way? What if in your job, which you are trained to do as a professional, you had other people who had never done your job, and never been trained to do to your job, telling you how to do your job? Would you like that? Would you or could you be effective if people (who didn’t even know how to do what you do) put standards and regulations on you and your work? Of course not. Its senseless.

I say its time to empower our educators. Let our local school districts and schools determine their own course of action without needless intrusion by state bureaucracies. In short, here’s my suggestion—lets allow teachers and educators to tell us what they need to successfully educate our children and then—lets let them do it. They are the professionals—so let them work!

Teachers, I support you. I want to empower you to teach in the way that you know will work best without intrusion from senseless bureaucratic intrusion into the classroom.

2 – Controlling Our Own Land

Its unbelievable, but the federal government currently has control of over 63% of Idaho’s land. And you know what that land represents? It represents wealth. It represents jobs, financial peace, and security here in Idaho. Its untapped wealth, however. Its wealth that we can’t take advantage of because the federal government controls it.

Imagine for a minute that you had a million dollars in the bank, but you were never allowed to have access to 63% of it. Think about how much real money you would lose every year in missed opportunities because of your inability to access your own wealth. The same thing goes for Idaho.

Look, if its our land, then its our land. That land represents cities, businesses, mines, gold, silver, restaurants, resorts, telecom, roads, infrastructure, schools, churches, non-profits, and all the jobs that go along with that. But right now, it sits empty and useless. Every state in the country that has access to the largest portion of its own land is economically prosperous. Those that don’t are economically stagnated. Idaho is included in that stagnant number.

I advocate the state of Idaho reclaiming our own land that is rightfully ours. Idaho can manage its own land. We don’t need the federal government bullying us around and telling us what we can and can’t do with our own land. So, lets use our land properly and efficiently and watch our economy explode here in Idaho.

3 – Promoting Business

I am a small business owner and I hate to tell you this, but even though Idaho is a “red state” and is supposed to be conservative, we simply do not have a business-friendly environment here in Idaho. This means that fewer businesses will want to move into our state and existing businesses will not feel motivated to expand in our state. This is a problem that can easily be remedied by adjusting our regulatory burdens and tax code on businesses. And this can be done without eliminating or reducing funding for any of the legitimate services of our state government.

The result will be that more businesses will want to move to our state, and existing businesses will feel confident expanding. This means more jobs and higher paying jobs right here in our state. Coupled together with an empowered education system which produces a more skilled workforce and a state with control over its own land and resources, Idaho could easily become the de facto standard hub for business growth and expansion. In fact, I want the word Idaho to become synonymous with freedom and prosperity for individuals and businesses. And this is not impossible. This is not a dream. Its common sense and I will support it in the Idaho senate.


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